Chemotherapy Infusion FAQs


How long will each session of my chemotherapy treatment take?

Chemotherapy treatment varies in length and frequency and depends on the individual treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. Some last as long as three or four hours, while others may only take a half-hour. Your doctor can provide an estimate of the time involved during your first consultation. Because of the effects of chemotherapy, you will receive regular blood work to make sure a chemotherapy session can be performed. This blood work is often performed the day before your scheduled chemotherapy visit. Sometimes the chemo therapy visit will be cancelled due to your blood levels.

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What should I do if I experience a medical problem?

Please contact us at the clinic where you are receiving treatment. During regular office hours, the person answering the phone will take your name, phone number and the nature of your problem. A clinic nurse will return your call as soon as possible to discuss your concerns.

If you are experiencing extreme symptoms and feel your condition may be life threatening, you will receive immediate attention. Please alert the person answering the phone about your condition. They will forward you immediately to a nurse who will consult with your doctor if needed.

Our physician is available 24 hours a day for after-hour emergencies. If you experience a medical emergency after business hours, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. While undergoing treatment you will be provided with our Medical Oncologists emergency on-call number. Please notify our physician if you are on your way to the emergency room.

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