Oncology & Hematology

Services-Cancer-Medical_Oncology_ClinickOur Medical Oncology & Hematology Department treats various types of cancer and hematology disorders. The clinic is dedicated to providing high quality oncology (cancer) and hematology (blood disorders) care.

Medical Oncology & Hematology treatment team includes:

  • Medical Oncologist Provider Support: Our Medical Oncologist, a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and management of cancer, can prescribe chemotherapy to treat cancer and serves as the primary doctor taking care of cancer related problems
  • Oncology Nurses: All of our nurse are chemotherapy/ biotherapy certified and specialize in medical oncology care
  • Nurse Navigation: Providing patients and caregivers with the education and care coordination support that they may need throughout their journey
  • Financial Navigation: Our navigator assesses and addresses issues related to insurance coverage, out of pocket costs and grant support
  • Psychosocial Support: Provided by Cancer Support Community
  • Genetic Counseling: Provided by Informed DNA
  • Nutritional Support: Nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment, specifically before, during and after treatment. Our registered dietitian is here to support you to help you feel better and stronger
  • Education and reference materials provided by the our partner Cancer Support Community and American Cancer Society

All visits are by appointment only and a physician referral is required for your initial consultation.

The clinic is open Monday-Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm. To schedule an appointment, call Oncology & Hematology at (808) 322-6910, option 1.