During Your Stay

1. Television & Electronic Devices

  • Televisions are provided at no charge in most patient rooms. The closed circuit channel (channel 15) offers programming that includes relaxing nature images and instrumental music designed to promote and enhance recovery.
  • Personal electronic devices such as radios, CD players, and personal computers may be used with the permission of your nurse after inspection by the Maintenance Department to make sure there will be no interference with medical devices or equipment.

2. Phone Calls

  • Telephones are at each patient bedside in most areas, and local calls may be made at no charge by dialing 9 followed by the phone number. Internal calls may be made by dialing the 4-digit extension.
  • For long-distance calls, dial the operator (0) for help in placing the call, either collect or by using a calling card. Long distance calls cannot be charged to your room.

3. Newspapers

  • Newspaper racks are located in the lobby on the ground floor and outside the first floor entrance. If you need help, your nurse can arrange for you to receive a newspaper.

4. Your Room

  • The hospital can provide complimentary toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap, shampoo, and gown as needed. There is a nominal charge if you need socks or slippers. Please leave valuables and medicines at home, and bring a list of the current medicines that you are taking.
  • We request that patients remain on their unit unless accompanied by hospital staff. This ensures patient safety and provision of patient care in a timely manner.
  • Meals and snacks are provided by the hospital according to your doctor’s orders. Please check with your nurse before bringing food into your room.
  • Push the call bell at your bedside if you need help.

5. Complimentary Services

  • Clergy
    • Representatives of all denominations visit regularly to offer spiritual care. If you would like to see a chaplain, ask you nurse to notify him or her.
  • Social Workers
    • A social worker is available to offer you and your family information and help with community health services and other resources, discharge planning concerns, advance directives and counseling, if needed.
  • Interpretation Services
    • Kona Community Hospital provides non-English speaking persons access to interpretation for most languages and dialects. Interpreters are available on the premises for some languages or accessible by telephone 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.
    • Sign language service is available as needed.
    • Hearing impaired patients have access to TDD services throughout the hospital.
    • Tell the nurse if you need interpretation services.
  • Healing Touch
    • Healing Touch is an energy-based treatment that uses healing hands to clear, energize, and balance your energy, promoting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.
    • After Healing Touch therapy, about 60% of patients report a third less pain, and over 90% report a decrease of a third or more in their stress. This treatment facilitates your body’s natural ability to heal, and promotes relaxation and sleep.
    • These sessions last about 20 to 30 minutes, and family and friends are welcome to stay. There is no charge for the session. Both volunteers and staff perform Healing Touch.
    • For complimentary service, call (808) 322-5854 and leave your name, location, and date of call.