Patient Stories


“I believe in miracles.”

Bill Hughes, Cancer Survivor
Bill Hughes remembers sitting with his wife talking to his family practice doctor about the pain he was having in his arm and stomach. They were reviewing a CT scan that was performed…

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“I believe that having shoulder surgery at KCH was the best decision I made.”

Theron Ogata, Avid Paddler
Theron Ogata broke his collar bone in 1996. He recovered from the injury, but his shoulder didn’t heal correctly. Over the next 13 years, he would have ongoing shoulder pain. The pain was…

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“I believe I was lucky to have KCH’s OB nurses caring for me.”

Bree Rivera, Proud Mother
When Bree Rivera was planning for her maternity care services, she reached out to friends and family on what to plan for in the coming months. “Every one of my girlfriends who had kids gave…

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