Imaging FAQs

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). To read the answer to each question, please click on the question.


Where do I need to check-in prior to my exam?

For all imaging procedures, please check in at the admitting desk.

We are located at the Kohala side of the main building.

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Where do I park?

Parking is located in the front of the Imaging Admitting Center.

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Are x-rays safe?

The x-ray technologist that takes your films will give you the lowest dose possible of radiation to achieve quality images. In addition, new equipment and techniques are constantly being developed to decrease the total amount of radiation received by the patient.

An X-ray image, or radiography is produced when a small amount of radiation passes through a body part and is recorded on film, video or computer to produce a black-and-white anatomical image. Areas that are difficult for X-rays to penetrate such as bone appear white on the X-ray film. Areas that the X-rays penetrate easily, such as the lungs or other areas filled with air, appear black. Soft tissue, vessels and organs appear as various shades of gray on an X-ray image, depending upon their composition and density.

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Are all x-rays the same?

No, actually there are 6 different divisions within the Imaging department that all use a different technology to look inside of our bodies. Some use radiation, while others do not.

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Who will read my film?

Your film will be officially read by a board-certified Radiologist.

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Will a physician perform my study?

It depends on the type of study you are having. Generally, all studies that require administration of contrast will be administered or assisted by a Radiologist. Any plain film i.e. x-ray of your arm or leg, will be performed by a Registered Technologist. Please refer to the “Information on Radiology Exams” for more specific information on your particular exam.

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Can I eat before my procedure?

That depends on the type of procedure you are having. Please refer to the “Information on Radiology exams” for specific information.

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Can I wear my jewelry during my x-ray study?

It is preferred that you not wear any jewelry during an exam that administers radiation. Since ultrasounds do not administer any radiation, you may wear jewelry during that study.

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I am claustrophobic, what should I do if I am having a MRI or CT study?

Please tell your Primary Care Physician about this condition. He or she may choose to give you a prescription to help calm you prior to the study. Please refer to “Information on Radiology Exams” for more specific information.

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Where would I send a complimentary or letter of concern?

You may send you letter to the physician or technologist that performed your study, or you may send your letter to our department. Please address it to: Kona Community Hospital, Imaging Department, 79-1019 Haukapila Street, Kealakekua, Hi 96750.

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