DAISY Award Recipients

Recognizing Excellence in Nursing

At Kona Community Hospital, we value and appreciate the dedication and compassion of our nurses. Every quarter, we recognize one outstanding nurse who goes above and beyond in the field of nursing and in providing exceptional care to our patients.

Celebrating our DAISY Award Recipients

Join us in celebrating the incredible work of our nurses by checking out our DAISY Award Recipients. These exceptional individuals have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the nursing profession and their commitment to delivering compassionate care.

Thank A Nurse

If you’ve had a positive experience with one of our nurses and would like to express your gratitude, we invite you to fill out a nomination form. By taking a moment to share your appreciation, you can help us acknowledge the hard work and dedication of these extraordinary individuals.

Please submit your completed form via email to mesykes@hhsc.org. Your heartfelt thanks will be shared with the deserving nurse, further highlighting their impact on patients’ lives.

We are grateful for your support in recognizing and honoring our nurses who make a difference every day.

Katie Gregg- 2024, 1st Quarter

 Katie showcased extraordinary compassion and strength. The patient, burdened by the weight of what could have been a life-altering diagnosis, received consistent support. Katie’s care, marked by even the smallest gestures, provided comfort throughout the tense wait for the patient’s results. Her ability to foster calm, encourage rest, and keep spirits uplifted, especially during moments of high anxiety, speaks volumes of her empathy and professionalism. When the relief came with good news, Katie’s happiness and relief reflected the patient’s own, underscoring the deep connection and impact of her care.

Lawrence “Tony” Arridell – 2023 Nurse Leader

Since joining KCH in 2008, Tony has embodied the essence of approachable, humble, inspirational, and passionate leadership. Tony’s dedication shines through, whether it’s answering phones, working as a telemetry technician, or directly aiding in patient care. He steps up whenever and wherever needed, all for the love of patient care and staff support. Tony’s magic lies in his ability to connect. His rounds aren’t just check-ins but safe spaces for staff to feel heard and supported. His passion for leadership makes him more than just a supervisor.

Maryrose Riddle – 2023, 4th Quarter

Nurse Maryrose, a true gem in our healthcare team, exemplified what it means to provide compassionate care. With every action and without a single word, she consistently went above and beyond to ensure her patients’ comfort and well-being.
Her attention to detail and warm, welcoming presence were more than just professional duties; they were heartfelt gestures that made each patient feel deeply cared for. Every interaction with Maryrose wasn’t just a routine check; it was a journey towards healing, comforted by her support and understanding.

Roxane Gomes – 2023, 3rd Quarter

Specializing in mending inner wounds, Roxane’s profound impact was evident when she cared for a patient grappling with severe trauma. Her innate empathy, attentiveness, and kindness facilitated a journey of healing that touched the patient deeply. Described as a “saving grace” and an “angel in tough times,” Roxane’s commitment to service and genuine care shine brightly. Her dedication not only earns accolades but also heartfelt gratitude from those she helps. Roxane truly embodies the spirit of nursing excellence.


Hannah Gross – 2023, 2nd Quarter

Hannah’s extraordinary compassion recently left the ICU in awe, where she went beyond her call of duty to fulfill a patient’s wish, overcoming hurdles that seemed impossible by bringing in resources – and hope – when it mattered the most. In a remarkable display of empathy and resourcefulness, Hannah arranged for the necessary means to ensure a patient could enjoy comfort and peace surrounded by love. It was not just a gesture of kindness but a bridge to cherished moments at home. Her actions are a beacon of what nursing is truly about—compassion, care, and the human touch that heals more than the body.

Matisse DiPietro – 2023, 1st Quarter

A recent nominating entry highlighted Matisse’s dedication:
“She consistently went out of her way to ensure I was comfortable, my pain was being managed, and I had the supplies I needed. When I had questions, she had respectful answers. When she did not have the answer, she found the answer for me. I cannot speak of one specific situation that Matisse stood out because every second she was with me was special.”