KCH Staff Participate in Lavaman Waikoloa

Kona Community Hospital staff turned out in force to support the 16th annual Lavaman Waikoloa Expo and Triathlon, which was held from March 22—24.  The Waikoloa swim, run, bike event attracted more than 1400 entrants, some participating on three-person relay teams, others going solo for all three legs.

At the Friday and Saturday Lavaman Expo, volunteers at KCH’s Expo booth took blood pressure readings, resting pulse rates and oxygen saturation levels of expo-goers. The “What’s Your Number” theme was an opportunity to highlight heart health and KCH’s on-campus cardiology clinic.  The vitals readings were a big hit with athletes and visitors alike.   Mahalo to Biomed’s  Jerry Jucha for providing the equipment and training for this event.

On Sunday, Dr. Beth Groshong, the event’s medical director (and KCH  Anesthesiologist), along with a large contingent of Kona Community Hospital clinical and administrative staff manned the triathlon medical tents and aide stations from 5:45am to 2pm.  The medical team saw over 140 people on race day, as well as eight “adults” at the Keiki race on Saturday.

Triage was organized into three treatment tiers:  self-help, simple clean up and dressing, and the “Beach Chair Lounge” medical tent.  Most injuries were minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions, which were cleaned and dressed.  The medical team also aided swimmers who encountered coral cuts or sea urchin spines.  Bike injuries ranged from abrasions, to new onset clavicle fracture, shoulder, ankle and knee injuries. Throughout the day, the medical team taped ankles, shoulders and knees for sprains and strains; infused IV’s for dehydration, nausea and vomiting and delivered oxygen and breathing treatments to asthmatics. 

KCH personnel and their family members were also present at the finish line “catching” potential patients and helping them to the medical tent.  The event also included three medical trucks of doctors and nurses running the course for the duration of the event.

Dr. Groshong credited KCH’s Michelle Strobehn, Sandy Shelton, RN, and Christine Woods, RPh  for their organizational skills, “Preparation and logistics are two of the most difficult and important tasks in making this all come safely and efficiently together for race day, and they were priceless in their pursuit of perfection.”  In addition, Groshong extended praise to the large all-volunteer, community medical team, “A great big MAHALO for everyone who helped make this year’s Lavaman Waikoloa the best and safest EVER.