Buy-A-Bed Project Receives Generous Grant from First Hawaiian Bank

The Kona Hospital Foundation has received a generous grant from First Hawaiian Bank as part of their successful Buy-A-Bed project. Jim Higgins, foundation Chairman, announced that the Foundation had received a grant from First Hawaiian Bank in the amount of $23,355. At $7800 per bed, this grant will secure the purchase of three new patient beds for Kona Community Hospital’s Med/Surg unit.

“First Hawaiian has been the Foundation’s number one corporate supporter from our first days 28 years ago thus benefiting all of their employees and customers, past and present, with our many improvements to the Kona Community Hospital,” Higgins said of the First Hawaiian’s on-going support.

The Kona Hospital Foundation Buy-A-Bed campaign has received enough gifts and donations to purchase 24 state-of-the art patient beds. The Advanta 2 Beds are easy to operate, safe and proven to be the best. The bed features controls at the bedside, scale at point of care, digital head of bed angle display, dual locking brakes in all four corners, less patient repositioning, and battery backup. It is designed for caregivers to provide more care with less effort. In addition, it puts safety first and provides patient-friendly features to improve the patient’s experience.

The Kona Foundation’s mission is to accept gifts and solicit donations for new medical technology, expanded services and enhanced facilities for Kona Community Hospital. Since its inception, the Foundation has donated over five million dollars towards numerous projects that have improved the hospital. Major endeavors include the Radiation Oncology Center, Imaging Center, Nuclear Medicine Suite, Outpatient Chemotherapy Building and the Renovation of the Emergency Room. Other projects to date include the emergency helicopter landing area, repair and painting of the facility, enhanced directional signage for visitors, medical equipment and education for hospital professionals.