Application Process


Kona Community Hospital Surgical Technology Program Application (pdf)

Pre-Admission Requirements:

All material that are summited to the Kona Community Hospital Surgical Technology Program becomes property of the program and cannot be returned or forwarded unless the applicant makes a formal request in writing to the program.

Any misrepresentation or omission of facts or essential documents during the application process and /or after acceptance into the program may result in a delay, denial or revocation of admission.

Pre Requirements for program and exception
College pre requirements level courses required by the program must be successfully completed with a B (3.0) or higher grade.

The classes include:

Hawaii Community College

  • ENG 100- Composition I (3cr.)
  • MATH 100 or higher – survey of mathematics of higher (3cr.)
  • MICR 130/140L Microbiology / Lab (3 cr. / 1-2 cr.)
  • PHYL 141 /141L Human Anatomy & Physiology I /Lab (3 cr. /1 cr.)
  • PHYL 142 / 142L Human Anatomy & Physiology II / lab (3cr. / 1 cr.)
  • PSY 100 or SOC 100 Survey of Psychology or Survey of Sociology 100 (3cr.)
  • SP 151 or SP 251 Personal and Public Speech or Public Speaking (3cr.)
  • HLTH 125 Survey of Medical Terminology (1cr.)

Palamanui | HCC Contact Information for Student Services/Counseling Office:
Kenoa Dela Cruz | | (808) 934-2658
Ian Hirakawa | | (808) 969-8862

  • Preference will be given to Kona Community Hospital employee who meet the educational qualifications of the Surgical Technology Program at the time of application
  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • The school is not approved to issue or except student visas.
  • Must have an AA degree or high upon admission.
  • Complete application, Incomplete applications may receive a less favorable rating or not be considered at all.
  • Evidence of High school graduation or GED – Applicant must have successfully completed the minimal educational requirements for graduated from a state approved high school.
  • Proof of age – 18 years or older on or before start date of the class year.
  • Completed background check and pass. The Surgical Technology Program requires all students to have a Criminal Background Check.
  • Ability to effectively interact with others in written and spoken English.
  • Official transcript of all prior college education with proof of an AA degree or higher.
  • Satisfactory references from a minimum of two individuals as requested on the application packet.
  • Schedule a Pre-entrance interview with program director, instructors, and committee members. Where you can meet face to face and you can ask questions. This will help you make sure the program is a good fit for you. (Information Session)
  • Completing the application does not guarantee acceptance to the program.
  • All application materials may be hand-delivered to Kona Community Hospital Education Department or Mailed to:
    Attention: Stormy Armstrong CST, AAS, FAST
    Education Department
    79-1019 Haukapila Street
    Kealakekua, HI 96750

To apply to the Kona Community Hospital Surgical Technology Program, the following items must be summited to the director:

  • Proof of completion of High School with GPA of 2.0 or GED with a minimum score of 450
  • A formal resume
  • Essay: Complete a short personal essay describing yourself, things you would like to do in your career and why you chose this profession. Maximum of 500 words
  • References: Provide (2) Letters of Recommendation from persons other than relatives (mailed directly by the person providing the recommendation) to the address on the Letter of Recommendation form).
  • Sign and submit all application materials (Application, Letter of Acceptance, Resume, and Essay).
  • Official Transcript: Request that official college transcripts be mailed directly to:
    Kona Community Hospital
    Attention: Stormy Armstrong, CST, AAS, FAST
    Education Dept.
    79-1019 Haukapila Street
    Kealakekua, HI 96750

Admission Process:

  • After the applications are reviewed for completeness, immunization test results are reviewed and interviews are completed, candidates to the program will be selected pending satisfactory references.
  • All interviewed candidates are notified of acceptance or non – acceptance by letter from the Surgical Technology program faculty.
  • Upon acceptance, a criminal background check, drug-screen panel (7), physical exam and hospital required immunizations will be required with current 2 step PPD.
  • A 2 step Mantoux purified protein derivative (PPD) skin test within the last 12 months. If a positive PPD results, a recent chest x-ray report and physical examination documenting absence of fever, fatigue, night sweats, unplanned weight loss, and cough.
  • Covid Vaccines are optional

Conviction of a felony or gross misdemeanor may prohibit employment in the field and may make a student ineligible to take licensing/ certification exams required for the profession.

Surgical Technology Courses
Surgical Technology courses from other programs are not transferable.