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Trash Compactor Improvements

21 0420 Trash Compactor Improvements RFQ 6 7 21 FINAL

Attachment 1A Compactor Specs 10 2020 Final

Attachment 1B Compactor Dwgs Final

Attachment 2 RFQ 21 0420 Trash Compactor Improvements Pricing Summary FINAL

Attachment 3 Contractor Guidelines Attachment For Agreement

21 0420 Addendum 1 Trash Compactor Improvements 6/24/2021

KCH 6/4/21
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RFQ 21-0014 Medical and Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

Awarded to Clean Harbors

KCH 7/28/2021
RFP 21-0420 Trash Compactor Improvements

Awarded to White Sands Construction

KCH 7/30/2021
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White Sands Construction

Dietary Floor Repairs

22 0030 White Sands Const Dietary Dish Room Exception Signed

KCH 7/28/2021


  • KCH – Kona Community Hospital
  • KH – Kohala Hospital