Pink Friday Supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kona Community Hospital (KCH) had its second Pink Friday on Friday, October 21. This day represented the hospital’s support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Hospital staff was encouraged to wear pink to work as a sign of an employee’s recognition of the significance that breast cancer has to our hospital, families, loved ones and to our community.

Over 100 hospital employees dressed up in pink attire to showcase their support. “It is encouraging to see our hospital come together to create awareness of this prevalent disease,” commented Emily Mendez-Bryant, KCH Community Relations Director. “What’s great about this event is that it is as simple as wearing pink. I would encourage other organizations to do the same.” The American Cancer Society also provided information and resources regarding breast cancer throughout the month.


Wearing pink in October has gained popularity as support for breast cancer awareness. Several men also wore the color which was a great example of the hospital’s widespread collaboration. Featured on the right is Chief Financial Officer, Dean Herzog and Chief Executive Officer, Jay Kreuzer who also participated in the event.

In 2010, Kona Community Hospital’s Cancer Registry, which tracks data on cancer patients, showed that 28% of new cancer patients were diagnosed and/or treated for breast cancer. This identifies breast cancer as the primary cancer type seen at the hospital.