Hospital Centers on What Matters Most – Patient Care and Community

With Jay Kreuzer now on board for two weeks as the Regional Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kona Community Hospital and Kohala Hospital, he is concentrating his efforts on patient care and collaboration with employees, medical staff, volunteers, Foundation, and the community.

“All of us, from the Board to the Senior Leadership Team to the employees, are looking forward to a fresh start,” stated Jay Kreuzer. “From my years of healthcare experience, we need to put all of our energy into making this hospital the best it can be, and provide exceptional care.

Kathryn Harter recently resumed her position as Chief Nurse Executive after being on leave. “I welcome her back and am excited to work with her,” commented Jay. “Since the majority of the hospital workforce are nurses, her focus will be to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction.”

When asked what he thought about the future of the hospital, Ali Bairos, M.D., Chair of the West Hawaii Regional Board of Directors, said, “Our Board wants to focus on quality care, patient satisfaction and the hospital’s image. We provide excellent care, and offer advanced healthcare services to our community. Yes, we’ve had some challenges but isn’t that the test of a vibrant organization? You embrace challenges, learn from them, grow and move on, better equipped to manage the future.”

“There are many people who have worked at the hospital for over 30 years. This kind of dedication does not come often, and is a reflection of what we represent,” stated Jay. “If anything, we should be eager on what’s to come,” he added. “This hospital deserves recognition for all of the accomplishments and successes it has brought to the West Hawaii community. One of my goals is to provide a clear direction of where our hospitals will be going.”

National Hospital Week is scheduled for May 8-14. On May 9, a first-ever Open House will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. at the hospital to celebrate the healthcare professionals who have dedicated their lives to this challenging but worthwhile industry. The community is invited to attend this free event, which will feature hospital tours, complimentary pupus and beverages, and an opportunity to talk story with CEO Jay Kreuzer.

Founded in 1914, Kona Community Hospital is a 94-bed full-service hospital with 24-hour emergency services that supports the west region of the island of Hawaii. It is a member of the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, a special agency of the state of Hawaii established in 1996. It is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Kona Community Hospital is dedicated to providing and enhancing accessible comprehensive healthcare services to the West Hawaii community.