Good Samaritan Returns Stolen Golf Cart to Kona Community Hospital

Golf_Cart_ReturnedA security department golf cart stolen from Kona Community Hospital (KCH) in early June on was returned last week by Good Samaritan, Ken Koski.

The solar powered golf cart, which had just been returned to working condition by maintenance staff, was stolen from the hospital property on June 5th, and a police report was filed on June 6th.

Mr. Koski, who lives part-time in the Napoopoo area, returned from a mainland trip late on July 16 to find the golf cart abandoned on his property.  He inquired with neighbors about the cart, but no one knew who it belonged to or how long it had been on his property.  Koski next contacted the police department, and learned that it had been reported stolen from KCH.

Mr. Koski paid a visit to KCH security and maintenance departments with a picture of the cart and serial number in hand.  They were able to verify that it was the cart that was stolen earlier in June.   

The golf cart was retrieved from Mr. Koski’s property, and returned to the security department at the hospital.  

“The cart is in great condition, and wasn’t vandalized,” said Koski.  “So I wanted to get it back to the hospital as soon as possible.”  

“We’re happy to have our property back,” said Doug Gebhart, head of KCH security.  “Mr. Koski really went the extra mile for us.  We appreciate what a good citizen and neighbor he is.”