What caregivers need to know

Assisted living facilities are designed for older people who are no longer able to manage living independently and need help with daily activities such as bathing or dressing. Some assisted living facilities like those at www.carltonseniorliving.com/community/concord/ also provide help with medication management, transportation to doctor’s appointments and other activities of daily living and services specific to the needs of people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia types.

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To ensure that you find one that’s a good fit for your loved one, it’s important to follow a structured, methodical search process and ask a lot of questions. It may be helpful to identify key issues to look for as you search for a popular memory care community; these include types of services offered and the amount of assistance needed around the clock to meet personal needs and preferences of the resident and family.

A personal care assistant can help a family evaluate which facilities are right for their loved one — they often have valuable insights in experience and insights regarding a particular location in the community and they can also offer general tips regarding the local culture and amenities nearby to help the family make the right decision. Not all providers of senior adult services have the same approach when it comes to locating the appropriate type of care for an individual situation so try to speak with a number of different providers to develop a full understanding of their community and surrounding areas they operate within before making a decision.

When you have several options in front of you you can make a better decision that takes into consideration a range of services and programs that may not be available in other neighborhoods and communities located in other areas around you to provide you or your loved one with the highest quality of life possible in the here and now as well as well into the future you envisioned for their future!

Schedule visits to tour them and talk with administrators, staff and residents. Take your loved one with you and let them handle as much of the talking and decision-making as possible. Open lines of communication will help ensure that you find the program that matches your lifestyle preferences and budget too by having family members share input on services and areas to avoid as well the benefits they were most interested in having in an Assisted Living setting that would best meet their needs now and in the future!!