Community Healthcare Providers COVID-19 Vaccine Readiness

(Updated 1.7.2021)

Welcome Health Care Providers:  KCH is a registered clinic in the CDC Vaccination Provider Program. With this honor comes responsibilities and guidelines to be followed by our organization. We’re committed to operating our vaccine clinic in accordance with our CDC Vaccination Provider Program Agreement, and in collaboration with the Hawaii Department of Health.

Please follow links below to learn about vaccine registration, and for any updates.

Click here to learn learn how to sign up KCH vaccine clinic for community healthcare providers.

Click here to read about updates to CDC’s Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS)  How to make name changes in VAMS.

Good News! The DOH COVID vaccine call center is up and running:


On-line Resources:

We strongly encourage community healthcare providers to access COVID-19 vaccine resources:

Please be aware that KCH is not a community vaccine clinic.